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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15

DUEL 14.01 - 27.02

Slut dato: 2022-02-27

An exhibition showing two international artists' expressions in the format of a duel.

Maxim Brandt (Berlin) works are focusing on the environments as well as humane and natural aspects. His works manifests a surreal palet of colors, which holds references to this present time.
Marius Martinussen (Oslo) works with an abstract touch. As a painter, he explores full spectrum of the abstract painting. As he is shaping his paintings, he keeps refering to art historical genres including pop art, op art, photographic work, graphic design and cartoons.  
The exhibition underlines the importance of the concept "dual" and does so by juxtaposing the artists' works. This format will ensure a dynamic experience where the content varies but is alligned when it comes to the colorful expressions.