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14.01 2022 - 27.02 2022
Slut dato: 2022-02-27

The Duel


14.01 – 28.02

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A regular fight occurs when the Norwegian artist Marius Martinussen and the German artist Maxim Brandt exhibit their works in Gallery NB. It will be a pictorial duel between figuration and abstraction, between color and form, between the two very different personalities, between Oslo and Berlin.

The duel marks the first show of the year in Galleri NB and presents new works by figurative artist Maxim Brandt (1986) and abstract artist Marius Martinussen (1978).

In a classic duel with rapiers and handguns, drive is expected from the duellants’ side. Along with this exchange of energy comes a creative urge which at its peak is being reflected in an ecstatic audience. In Galleri NBs current duel, the artists meet because of their many contrasts with the intensity in color and light as the main common denominator.

With a confident style, Maxim Brandt and Marius Martinussen excel in their understanding for developing compositions within visual art.

Link to: YouTube discussion between Maxim Brandt and Marius Martinussen

Maxim Brandt

Photolink to the paintings of Maxim Brandt

In Brandt’s works we meet an accuracy behind the released motives. With references to society and the existing surroundings, he makes a wonderful disturbing alternative to our normal perpection and sensuous understanding from symbolic inputs. He combines symbols and elements within a surrealistic wholeness, consequent as a poetic composition. Brandts motives and the language that inspires his practice, have associations among themselves, one word leading to the next one. Likewise we discover that one element lurks behind the next element. In a modern, complex world, we find hundreds of elements intertwined, yet belonging to certain categories in our minds.  

The paintings reflects Brandts trained ability to puncture these inherritaged logics, and he takes us skillfully to a dreamlike island made by surreal beauty.

Marius Martinussen

Photolink to the paintings of Marius Martinussen

Marius Martinussen discovers contrasts within a painting by his unique layer-on-top-of-layer-technique, whilst demonstrating his will to explore by using intense painting methods with airbrush combined with slender traces from syringes.

This work process can be called mathematical and harmonic as it is taking form through its own complex path. The language that Martinussen circles around carries a certain depth in it as well as a very focused boldness, which stems from an overarching wish to lose some controle during the creation of his works.

Technically he navigates in various materials using and combining templates, tape and airbrush, which come together in structured motives with a delicate precision. His paintings holds a spaciousness for moments of great fascination.

The duel between Maxim Brandt and Marius Martinussen stages both artists’ abilities for communicating with great originality. The exhibition tributes and highlights the artists’ different qualities and welcomes reflection about what may come across as interesting for all guests who visits The Duel. 




Time: 14.01 – 28.02

Opening: Friday the 14th of January at 15:00 – 17:00

Maxim Brandt, 1986, Berlin
Marius Martinussen, 1978, Oslo



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04.12 2021 - 09.01 2022
Slut dato: 2022-01-09
Christmas Stars 2021 shows selected works of art by the gallery's artists
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23.11 2021

Majken Rosenqvist joins Galleri NB as a Personal Assistent (PA) for Thorkild NB Nielsen

In the future, Galleri NB will remain one of the top galleries in Denmark. In order for us to spark this fire, we must excel in accomodating the future. That is to invite the analog, techonologically and humane opportunities which lies ahead of us. With this focus clear in our minds, we can continuously support the gallery’s fundamental intention, which is to share our joy for valuable art with as many people as possible.

This work takes understanding and sensitivity towards the younger generation’s trends and the opportunities that follows, when it comes to communication of the art.   

Based on these thoughts, we have employed Majken Rosenqvist in an apprenticeship as a Personal Assistant for Thorkild NB Nielsen.

Through a directed program made by Thorkild, Majken will learn to navigate in the daily routines of a gallerist’s professional work life. This includes knowledge about decision making processes around choice of artists and the development of artists as well as how to communicate the art.

With the employment of Majken, the gallery is looking into the future. She holds a BA in Political Science and is trained as a Kaospilot. Both educations will benefit her in her work and support the gallery in the future. A future where the dynamics and the development of the gallery is maintained, so we can also satisfy artists and art lovers in the future to come.

/Thorkild NB Nielsen

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