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10.06 2023 - 12.08 2023
Slut dato: 2023-08-12


10.06 - 12.08

WAOU 23 is Galleri NB's big summer investment in a great exhibition. We exhibit the gallery's artists, as well as a number of guests, who present a sharp selection (up to 5 works per artist) within painting, sculpture, installation and graphics.

The following artists are exhibiting:

Andrea Damp

Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig

Beate Höing

Carsten Frank

Daniela Schönemann

Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

Henrik Kleppe

John Reuss

Krestine Harboe

Marius Martinussen


Nana RHB

Paul Smulders

Petter Alexander Hepsø

Sabine Beyerle

Steen Larsen

Toon Berghahn

Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

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29.04 2023 - 03.06 2023
Slut dato: 2023-06-03

Nana RHB

The Girl with Many Eyes

29.04 - 03.06

With the exhibition The Girl with Many Eyes, Nana RHB presents new paintings, collages and smaller paper works, where she creates a space for reflection on the ambivalent meanings and symbolism of the eyes.

Eyes are often considered a window to the soul and can symbolize a close connection to one's inner self or a high degree of attention to one's surroundings. At the same time, eyes can also represent surveillance and censorship and act as a comment on the increased surveillance and control in society.

The exhibition touches on themes such as identity, staging, censorship and nostalgia, based on Nana RHB's own life in various roles as daughter, woman, artist, wife and mother.

In the painterly process, she works with different layers and overlaps and applies brush strokes over existing photographs in order to create a dialogue with the underlying source material, which remains visible to varying degrees.

The works are made on cardboard, paper, canvas and sailcloth, and she combines large colorful surfaces with parts of different visual material that she has collected and saved over the past few years.

The exhibition presents a present storyteller, and the works are rich in visual richness and complexity, which gives the viewer the opportunity to explore Nana RHB's artistic universe and consider the many ways in which we see and understand the world around us.

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09.10 2022 - 30.10 2022
Slut dato: 2022-10-30

Henrik Kleppe - The Thames at Charing Cross

As one of Norway's new upcoming artists, it is exciting that the NBeX project can present Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller's latest paintings. His impressionistic expression has references to William Turner, Monet and others.

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