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Slut dato: 2022-10-02

ANIDOX present the 4rd ANIDOX:VR Awards & Exhibition
– A programme uniquely addressing factual and visual storytelling in emerging media/VR.

The ANIDOX:VR Awards are showcased at NB Gallery as part of the Viborg Animation Festival 21 Sept. – 3 Oct. 2022 Viborg, Denmark.

Friday 30.09.22 kl. 10:00 -18.00
Saturday 01.10.22 kl. 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday 02.10.22 kl. 10:00 – 14:00


ANIDOX:VR is an annual exhibition of non-fiction works in virtual reality and new media platforms. Hosted by the Viborg Animation Festival, ANIDOX:VR includes screenings, discussions, and events geared toward professional filmmakers and the general public alike.

The ANIDOX:VR jury awards a jury prize, celebrating the best of factual storytelling and craftsmanship.

The highlight of ANIDOX:VR 2022 is a dedicated ANIDOX Seminar programme with expert guests, artists and key figures from the art-meets-technology landscape - followed by a 'meet the artists' drinks & networking event. Seminar guests have the opportunity to attend the ANIDOX:LAB Project Pitch - where international directors present works-in-progress and get feedback from our panel of experts!


ANIDOX is a part of The Center for Animation, Visualization and Digital Storytelling, The Animation Workshop / VIA University College.

Supported by: The Danish Ministry of Research & Education, The Danish Film Institute and The Norwegian Film Institute, The West Danish Film Fund.

ANIDOX:LAB is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA