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Vilmantas - endless Journey

Slut dato: 2023-03-11

Endless Journey

- a new theme from the artist Vilmantas

Vilmantas will never forget February 2022. Together with his family, he was on a one-week holiday in Zanzibar for the first time after Covid-19. A breathtaking island with sand, beach, hotels and an endless ocean.

The freedom to be able to gather again and travel out into the world excited Vilmantas. And as always, he was also curious and interested in what the local opportunities could offer.

One day he therefore sat in the bow of a boat and looked out over the Indian Ocean. Vilmantas was completely filled with a wonderful and profound experience of the dynamics and interaction between the light, the sea, the sky and infinity.

A deep and personal experience, where changes in nature set in as strong emotional impressions. At the same time, the impressions were deeply embedded in Vilmanta's memory. So strong that at home in the studio he had to find an artistic expression for his thoughts and dreams in this infinity between sky and sea.

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