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Paul Smulders - CAESURA

Slut dato: 2024-05-25
Paul Smulders
13.04 - 25.05
The concepts described by caesura have in common that they always refer to the separation between two things (Latin: caesura = incision).
In this exhibition I 'make a cut' from what I used to develop during the last, let us say, 8 years. I can say that the collection will have a more abstract character, if you like.

In his new exhibition CEASURA in Galleri NB  Paul Smulders reflects on the physical forces of nature through his very own experimental methodology of applying paint to the canvas. In this very unique process, he employs chemical reactions that reveal breathtaking details. When we scrutinize his works up close, an entirely new dimension of his art reveals itself. In his free style performance – much like an innate force of creation – he controls the flowing layers of moving paint and freezes them as snapshots of an ever changing, fluidic vision. He embraces chance as his companion in this process.

I observed in nature – both in the micro and macro environment – that in most natural phenomena, forces are expressed simultaneously; unforeseen factors play a very important role in their appearance and progression. There are no identical phenomena. Chance is a factor in evolution. In my studio practice, while I repeat the same process over and over, I deliberately allow flaws to take the work in new directions, that is how I achieve improvement.