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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15

29.01 2021 - 28.02 2021
Slut dato: 2021-02-28

John Reuss marks many facets with this exhibition.
At the technical level, he presents several paintings created with acrylic paints, but lately he has also decided to work with oil paints.

The results are significant and exciting to experience. On the mental level, the works are about transitions between the mental phases and the real physical movements.
The title of the exhibition is therefore very well chosen.

And we, as spectators, will be constantly set in motion - in and out of the worlds that John Reuss so alluringly brings us into.

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14.11 2020 - 10.12 2020
Slut dato: 2020-12-10

Sculptures in ceramic and porcelain.

Beate Höing's exhibition is entitled Buddies and is based on opposites.
Her sculptures are built in a mix between kitschy porcelain figures and their own ceramic figures. Thus, they appear complex in their entirety, but at the same time they can be dissected into individual elements that together allow for creative experiences. Beate Höing is not without humor, and you involuntarily pull on the smiley face when you take a closer look at her sculptures.
Therefore, the theme Buddies is on the spot. Whether it is the little dog, the dead bird or the innocent girl who stands on a foundation of complex porcelain figures, the contradictions are experienced as life-giving for the spectators.

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02.11 2019 - 24.11 2019
Slut dato: 2019-11-24

I hope This is Real

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