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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15

WAOU 21.06 - 18.08

Slut dato: 2019-08-19


21.06 - 18.08

Twelve artists from gallery NB exhibit 3 selected masterpieces and offer the summer guests in gallery NB a waou experience.

The summer is always characterized by the desire to go out and see, for example art, many other places than where you live. In this context, gallery NB finds it important also to open the gallery for those who want to travel to see art. And when they come to gallery NB, they should not be disappointed. Therefore, gallery NB focuses on creating a group exhibition that presents the best of many of the gallery's artists.

The artists of the Waou exhibition are characterized by being a mixture of Danish and foreign, upcoming and known international artists.
That is why the exhibition shows works of art with collector qualities of the following artists:

Andrea Damp
Carsten Frank
Claes Otto Jennow
Henriette Hellstern
John Reuss
Kristian Vodder Svensson
Marius Martinussen
Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup
Paul Smulders
Sabine Beyerle
Steen Larsen
Thomas Andersson
Toon Berghahn

The exhibition opens Friday, June 21st at. 14-17, where several of the artists will be present at the opening.

Opening hours during the exhibition:
June and August: Mon-Fri. 12-17 and Sundays kl. 12-16.
July: Mon-Fri 12-17, Saturday and Sunday closed.

Closed for holiday: week 28  (08.07 - 14.07)