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Andrea Damp/paintings and Beate Höing/sculptures

Slut dato: 2020-12-10

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Take a virtual walk through the exhibition of Beate Höing - Buddies

Take a virtual walk through the exhibition of Andrea Damp - Sturmfrei.


Intro: Andrea Damp and Beate Höing in Gallery NB

Gallery NB opens on Sunday 15 November two solo exhibitions with Andrea Damp and Beate Höing respectively.
Due to the Corona situation in Germany and Denmark, the artists are not participating in the opening. Still, the gallery is sure to be filled with good karma and art that can captivate guests.

Andrea Damp is based on the concept Strumfrei. In her view, Sturmfrei can be divided into two different meanings: physically calm and / or mental calm.
Wideness and openness are the characteristic elements of Andrea Damp's new paintings. 
The created landscapes are characterized by enormous depth and their narration is determined through complex references.
In a time of extreme turbulence and insecurity, these paintings were made in the loneliness and seclusion of the studio in a kind of mental countermovement to the external circumstances.
The more the social and personal lives of the artists moved towards zero, the more expansive and daring the intellectual space and painterly experiments became.
This resulted in a group of extremely delicate, multilayered and painterly charming paintings, which can also be read as a mirror and reflection on the manifold qualities of this special time.

Beate Höing's exhibition is entitled Buddies and is also based on contradictions. Her sculptures are built in a mix between kitschy porcelain figures and their own ceramic figures. Thus, they appear complex in their entirety, but at the same time they can be dissected into individual elements that together provide the opportunity for creative experiences.

Beate Höing is not without humor, and you involuntarily pull on the smiley face when you take a closer look at her sculptures.
Therefore, the theme Buddies hits the spot. Whether it is the little dog, the dead bird or the innocent girl who stands on a foundation of complex porcelain figures, the contradictions are experienced as life-giving.

The uncertainty surrounding the Corona situation means that the gallery does not invite to a special opening event.
But the gallery follows the retail's instructions and thus everyone can visit the gallery during opening hours - in the same way as when you go to the grocery store.
Therefore, everyone is very welcome to visit the exhibitions with Andrea Damp and Beate Höing from Sunday 15 November at 12 - 16. The exhibitions end on 10 December.

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15.11 - 10.12 2020
MAIN gallery: Andrea Damp - Sturmfrei 
NBeX project: Beate Höing - Buddies