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Slut dato: 2021-03-31

03.03- 31.03

Welcome back after the close down.

We open an exhibition with a selection of new artworks coming to the gallery since new year.

Click at Artists or to see the artists and the artworks at our websites.

Jacob Brostrup, Beate Höing, Kristian Vodder Svensson and Vilmantas.

Anne Vilsböll, Steen Larsen and Jacob Brostrup

Vilmantas and John Reuss

Mette Rishøj and Andrea Damp

Mette Rishøj, Thomas Andersson and Nana RH Bastrup

Sabine Beyerle

Hugo Tieleman, Vilmantas and John Reuss

As well we do have a lot new artworks downstairs.