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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15


Slut dato: 2021-07-30

In collaboration with the artists, we present their very best works of art during the summer of 2021.
We call the exhibition WAOU 21.
This is the third time that the gallery invites an art-interested audience inside to such an extensive celebration of international art of the highest artistic quality.

Take a virtual tour (by XPlorXR Archive):

Click on the photo - then note that the exhibition is in two floors.

The exhibition contains works by - Photo links to the artworks:

Andrea Damp

Beate Höing

Carsten Frank

Cristine Guinamand

Daniela Schöenemann

Hugo Tielemann

John Reuss

Kristian Vodder Svensson

Marius Martinussen


Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup

Paul Smulders

Sabine Beyerle

Sándor Szász


Steen Larsen

Thomas Andersson

Tomas Dauksa

Toon Berghahn

Vilmantas Marcinkevicius


Out-door (Sct. Mathias Torv) exhibition of 5 mega jars by Vilmantas Marcinkevicius