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Christmas Stars Exhibition 2021

Slut dato: 2022-01-09
Christmas Stars 2021 shows selected works of art by the gallery's artists

Gallery NB's greatest art works will be falling from the sky like snow at christmas time.
At the final exhibition of the year, you can take the opportunity to spoil yourself with an early christmas present, and grow your interest for unique art. 
The exhibition Christmas Stars shows you selected art pieces by our own artists.
As the christmas spirit calls us in, it will be possible for you to bring home the art that you are longing for.
The art pieces do not need to stay in the gallery throughout the exhibition period as normal.
Instead you can choose between 60 hand picked art pieces and bring your favorite one home with you. 
Would you be interested in immerse yourself more, feel welcome to visit our archive in the basement.
Currently we have the pleasure to host 1.800 art pieces from a broad palet of artists. Investigate them all by clicking

Christmas Stars officially opens on Saturday the 4th of December at 11 am. You can already stop by to see the works today. 
Welcome to the final exhibition of the year 2021.
/Team NB