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Slut dato: 2022-08-28


- an exploration of the individual facial expression.

To never ever meet another human being, one must have to live on an island. To look into someone else's eye, into someone else's face.  

And what do we then see? In the present moment when we meet another person, something very interesting happens. As we observe, judge, become fascinated or repelled or frightened, and we wonder about those eyes in that face we see. We decode the other's mood, and this facial expression soon becomes a part of the body language emphazising what thoughts goes around in the mind of the other. Ultimately we communicate withput any words by using facial expression and mimic. 

For all these reasons the face is interesting to dive into. On this occassion the gallery exhibits art works that visually meet us at the same eye level. This exhibition is made to show a wide range of how visual artists express the very face. 

Without comparison with normal collections of portraits, more of the paintings in this show has similarities with the genre of portraits. To some extend the liberation is greater, however also more intimate as the face of a person is exhibited.  

The exhibiting artists are:

Beate Höing

Claes Otto Jennow

John Reuss


Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup

Paul Smulders

Sándor Szász

Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

The show opens Friday, August the 5th 2022.