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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15

Two solo exhibitions: Andrea Damp and Henrik Kleppe

Slut dato: 2022-10-30

 09.10 - 30.10


It is with great pleasure that we can invite you to exhibitions and verniserings with Andrea Damp in MAIN gallery and Henrik Kleppe in NBeX project
Sunday 9 October at 14 - 16
with the participation of the artists
Introduction to the exhibitions at 14:15


MAIN gallery

Andrea Damp
Oculus Ultimus

German career artist exhibits in Gallery NB. The German artist Andrea Damp was born and raised on Rügen. Her parents and siblings were fishermen in the Baltic Sea and as the only one in the group she went to Berlin to attend the art academy. Her career has subsequently had an upward curve, which in these years seems to be reinforced. Her exhibitions in Germany and Sweden have attracted justifiable interest. Most recently, she sold out at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair and has also sold works to the German Reichstag in Berlin.


NBeX project

Henrik Kleppe
The Thames at Charing Cross

New contemporary impressionisme

As one of Norway's new upcoming artists, it is very exciting that the NBeX project can present Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller's latest paintings. With associations to J.M.W. Turner, Renoir and Monet, Henrik Kleppe pays special attention to the struggle between light and darkness, all the while he strips the natural motifs of their raw beauty, and with great sensitivity exhibits timeless virtues such as hope and trust in the light. On return in Gallery NB

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