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Sabine Beyerle - Follow The Sun

Slut dato: 2023-10-28

Sabine Beyerle

Follow The Sun

07.10 - 28.10

The artistic globetrotter Sabine Beyerle travels the world to find inspiration for her paintings.
On top of that, she exhibits globally from Berlin, to Taiwan and Burning Man in Nevada.

Sabine Beyerle in her studio - link to the artworks

From 7 October she is currently in Galleri NB, Viborg with the exhibition Follow The Sun. A large and beautiful exhibition which emphasizes her interest in different environments around the world. Even so, it is surprising that the largest work in the exhibition in Gallery NB is inspired by the large rhododendron bed at Borgvold in Viborg. A painting that exudes sunlight and atmosphere in a clearing in the middle of the giant rhododendron bed.

Sabine says: We all feel the changing forces of nature, and the challenges can seem so overwhelming that they are difficult to understand and describe. Art can do something special here because it is thought-provoking. It allows us to relate to the reality we find ourselves in. With its universal language that transcends national borders, social boundaries and beliefs, art can accommodate complexity and thereby creates a unique space for reflection.

With the exhibition Follow The Sun, the artist Sabine Beyerle invites you into the space of nature or the world of nature. Sabine invites you to join her in celebrating nature's beauty and the sun's enduring influence, embracing the unpredictability of the world. It is an exhibition which shows nature's decay, renewal and thereby the transformative forces in the world.

Regarding the title Follow The Sun, Sabine Beyerle says: I chose the title Follow the Sun for my exhibition as sunlight is not only an important companion in our life but also has a great impact on how we see the world. It gives structure but also comfort and warmth, like plants, we orientate ourselves towards it and move along its path. The Sun gives us light and shadow, it creates dark and bright forms and shapes.

The sun, with its ever-shifting presence, serves as a reminder to the endless changing cycles of nature. It brings light and darkness, vitality, as well as growth and decay. Without the sun there would be no renewal in our world. In my paintings I am trying to follow up on these transformative powers of the natural world.

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I work with a diverse range of mediums, from vivid oil paintings that capture the sun's brilliance to delicate watercolors combined with ink, that explore the nuances of the light as well as its contrasts. I observe structures, patterns, contrasts and colors closely and I try to integrate the wild untamable forces of nature into my paintings. I work with photos that I took myself and closely follow on the details I can see. 

As I paint, I merge elements of the real world with abstract brushstrokes that are more intuitive, sometimes even accidental. By doing so, I invite an element of the uncontrollable into my work, allowing room for multiple layers of meaning. These abstract brushstrokes may symbolize growth, movement, rhythm, perhaps the influence of the wind or simply the forces of transformation.

Link to the artworks

There is no doubt that Sabine creates a unique space of reflection with her fascinating paintings, where you are invited to feel and embrace the unpredictability of the world. Through intuitive brushstrokes, careful structures and patterns, we feel the beauty of nature, but also the wild forces. With this, Sabine manages to create a liveliness that only a few artists manage to add to the picture surface.



Artist: Sabine Beyerle (DE)

Dates: 07.10 – 28.10

Title: Follow The Sun

Introduction video: Link - Studio talk with Sabine Beyerle

Opening: Saturday 7 October at 14-16 with participation and introduction at 14.15 by Sabine Beyerle