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Christmas Stars Exhibition 2023

Slut dato: 2023-12-30

Christmas Stars Exhibition

02.12 - 30.12

Christmas is associated with smiles and gifts – big or small. It is the feast of the heart and the joy of getting a real work of art - can beat anything.

This year, the Christmas exhibition will feature a lot of selected works by the gallery's artists.
Paintings, sculptures and graphic works are mixed in such a way that all needs can be met to have an artistic experience and find inspiration for the unique gift for yourself or others.

Among the well-known international artists, you can see new artworks by:

Photo-links gives access to the artworks of the artist: 


Andrea Damp


Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig  

Beate Höing


Carsten Frank


Krestine Harboe



Claes Otto Jennow


Henrik Kleppe


Hugo Tieleman 


John Reuss 


Marius Martinussen


Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup


Paul Smulders 


Sabine Beyerle

Sandor Szasz 

Steen Larsen


Toon Berghahn