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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15

03.12 2022 - 30.12 2022
Slut dato: 2022-12-30

The annual exhibition of selected artworks from our artists. Expect a selection of the very best paintings, sculptures and graphics.

Please notice that the opening hours of the gallery from December 1st changes into: Wednesday - Friday: 12-17 and Saturday: 11-15


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06.11 2022 - 27.11 2022
Slut dato: 2022-11-27

Et Vice Versa

06.11 - 27.11

The upcoming exhibition, which has the title: Et Vice Versa, will undoubtedly be Paul Smulder's biggest solo exhibition to date. Not only does he present the past year and a half's work in the MAIN gallery, but at the same time the gallery, in collaboration with a number of art collectors, has brought selected works for the exhibition from the past 25 years of collaboration into a retrospective section in the gallery. This creates a visual artistic connection between the past and the present

Paul Smulders introduces the exhibition in this video:

Photolink to the video

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09.10 2022 - 30.10 2022
Slut dato: 2022-10-30

Andrea Damp (DE) is currently with her fourth solo exhibition in Gallery NB, OCULUS ULTIMUS.

From the beginning of her life as a visual artist, Andrea Damp has been aware of the confrontations between the artistic heritage from the past and the awareness of today's development. It is her inherently experimental, artistic craft that has led her to completely new reflections on the possibilities of painting.

The creation of an atmosphere, the moment of the story, the showdown with nature, the small innocent person in the big world and finally her own way of overcoming everything, thereby creating a personal and sincere work, which is admittedly completely unnatural in its form. A form where emotion and reason are at the same time responsive to each other, and whose overall expression is wonderful in the telling of a story that can be read directly by the viewers.

Andrea Damp has collaborated with Galleri NB since 2014 and achieved great success. In Germany and Sweden, her works have also attracted legitimate interest. Most recently, she has, among other things, sold works to the German Reichstag in Berlin.

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